Online Newsletters

During these difficult times when we may be feeling isolated and needing some positive things to hold on to, we thought we’d make you a fun, light-hearted and encouraging news letter.

We are doing this every week, circulating it via our social media and email.

We would love to have your stories, thoughts and ideas (even a picture) to add to it.


Easy to print list of courses dates and areas available for the upcoming term, why not take a look.

Other useful local services

  • Thurrock Carers Service

    Thurrock Carers Service Website

    This is for people who care for others.

    01375 659172


    SERICC Website

    We offer a confidential helpline, ‘one-to-one’ counselling and support for women and girls who have suffered or are suffering sexual violence.

    01375 380609

  • Inclusion Visions

    Inclusion Visions Website

    Services for people and their family members who are suffering through substance misuse.

    0300 303 1018

  • Anxiety UK Helpline

    Help for those suffering with anxiety

    084444 775774

  • Advocacy

    Advocacy is about making sure that a person has as much control as possible over their life. Advocacy helps people understand information, say what they want and what they need

    01375 659 175

  • Thurrock Mind

    Vibrant local Mental health charity that supports local residents in a variety of ways.

    01475 391 411

  • Care Opinion

    Care Opinion Website

    How was your care? How did we do today? When you get home, please tell us about your care. What was good? What could be better? Your feedback helps us improve.

    0800122 31 35