We have creative courses that run over a few weeks, take a look below…

Your Picture of  Well-being

What does well-being mean to you? How can you improve your well-being? Have you an idea of what well-being could look like for you?

This course uses photography as a tool to help us understand well-being from our unique perspectives.  Whether it is a camera on your phone or a professional camera, we can all learn how to make the most of this resource to support our happiness. Through creating images we aim to support, develop and build our personal well-being in a safe, fun environment.

Hope and Well-being

Are you feeling a little stuck… not sure what you want or where you’d like to be going? Sometimes we need to stop and take a moment to re-connect with yourselves, our strengths and values.

In this course we work together in a fun & creative way to help identify what is important to us, what we already have and ideas about where we would like to focus our energies. We discuss what hope means and consider ways we can build on it.

Making my Story

Would you like to document your own story? Fancy a chance to put your thoughts and emotions on paper? How about igniting your creative flare?

The ability to write creatively may not come naturally to you; however, this course will allow you to unleash your imagination and to express yourself in a variety of artistic ways. If you find writing a challenge, we can show you new skills and techniques that will help you to explore your hidden talent. Using texts such as poems, song lyrics and novels, we can have fun telling our stories in an imaginative way.