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Communicating with Confidence

FINISHED – Life is full of times when we want to communicate with confidence. We may want to speak up, ask for help, or simply feel confident to chat, all of which can be hard for many people, especially when feeling low or anxious. Communication is important to interact with family and friends as well as wider social connections and to getting the right help from services. It is more than just what we say; it is how we say things and what we understand from what is said to us.

Course Content

The course will take place over four sessions. We start with an introductory workshop and then people can join the full course if they want to know more. Topics covered will include understanding confidence, how our behaviour and thinking can affect confidence, the role of body language, and practical strategies to be confident in social situations. This course will offer you the opportunity to identify situations in your own life where you would like to be more confident.

  • 7 February, 12PM - 2PM
  • 14 February, 12PM - 2PM
  • 21 February, 12PM - 2PM
  • 28 February, 12PM - 2PM
  • Grays