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Understanding Our Moods

We offer a variety of half day/evening workshops these include…….

Understanding Depression

‘Feeling low’ is something most of us experience from time to time and it is a natural part of being human. However, when these feelings become more severe or begin to take hold of our lives with no letting up, it may be something more, like depression.

Understanding Anxiety

We all experience anxiety at time – that ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling when you worry about sitting exams, going for an interview or seeing the dentist. It is a natural feeling and can be useful, as it can help us perform better or warn us when we need to act if in danger.

Ways to Well-being

No matter who we are, it is important to look after our mental health and well-being. However it can be hard to know what helps. It is just as important to know how to live well as it is to know how to avoid or reduce things that distress us. Learning skills for our emotional well-being can help us to be more resilient in dealing with the inevitable knocks in normal life.

Food and Mood

Are we really what we eat? Is there a relationship between what we eat and our mental well-being? Which foods can boost our mood and physical wellbeing and which foods may have a more negative impact?

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Be Creative

We have creative courses that run over a few weeks, take a look below…

Your Picture of  Well-being

What does well-being mean to you? How can you improve your well-being? Have you an idea of what well-being could look like for you?

This course uses photography as a tool to help us understand well-being from our unique perspectives.  Whether it is a camera on your phone or a professional camera, we can all learn how to make the most of this resource to support our happiness. Through creating images we aim to support, develop and build our personal well-being in a safe, fun environment.

Hope and Well-being

Are you feeling a little stuck… not sure what you want or where you’d like to be going? Sometimes we need to stop and take a moment to re-connect with yourselves, our strengths and values.

In this course we work together in a fun & creative way to help identify what is important to us, what we already have and ideas about where we would like to focus our energies. We discuss what hope means and consider ways we can build on it.

Making my Story

Would you like to document your own story? Fancy a chance to put your thoughts and emotions on paper? How about igniting your creative flare?

The ability to write creatively may not come naturally to you; however, this course will allow you to unleash your imagination and to express yourself in a variety of artistic ways. If you find writing a challenge, we can show you new skills and techniques that will help you to explore your hidden talent. Using texts such as poems, song lyrics and novels, we can have fun telling our stories in an imaginative way.

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Be Confident

We have courses that provide students with life skills, see below…. 

Communicating with Confidence

Life is full of times when we want to communicate with confidence.

We want to speak up, ask for help, or simply feel confident to chat – all of which can be hard especially if feeling stressed or low. Communication is important to interact with family and friends, make wider social connections and get the right help. It is more than what we say, it is how we say things and what we understand for what is said to us.

Be Confident with Money!

What does money mean to you? Are you worried about your financial situation? Do you know what all those financial terms mean? Would you like to feel more confident about your money and your financial future? Do you have things you want to achieve but you worry about how you can afford them?

This course aims to help build your confidence in dealing with your finances. We will help you think about your beliefs around money, what barriers you face in achieving your financial goals, identifying realistic goals for yourself and exploring practical ways to improve your current financial situation.

Find Your Voice

Life is full of times when we want to communicate clearly for ourselves. We may want to speak up, to make a complaint or to ask for help. Communicating our needs can help us to get the right help from services, to have our needs recognised or to have our rights upheld. It also helps us to feel more empowered ourselves as we realise what we can do.

This workshop is delivered between the Thurrock Mind Advocacy service and other people like yourself who have found their voice. We bring you this workshop to help you find ways to gather the information you require, to communicate your needs and rights clearly and to find the way to make your own voice heard. Never give up … you really ARE worth it!


Upcoming courses


We have courses to help you improve your well-being

Creating Mindfulness

Life is challenging and messy, sometimes our minds are filled with worrying or negative thoughts or we feel stuck. Sometimes we might feel that we live our lives on autopilot or things are happening around us that seem out of control.

Mindfulness-based training is an ancient approach, now recognized scientifically for promoting well-being. It involves non-judgementally, paying attention to thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations in a way that can increase our awareness and compassion. It can help us to manage difficult experiences and develop ways to see things differently.

“What’s OUT there for me?”

There are times when we all need help and support, but we don’t always know where to find it. Sometimes we can be our own helping hand without even realising. But how? Do you know about the wealth of information held in the pages of the many self-help books, in courses near you or supportive websites?. Have you any idea of where to start?

This course will help us learn about what works for us and where we can find information and support. It is also an opportunity to share what has helped us in the past and to gain knowledge on what could help us in the future.

That’s Life!

Many of us suffer from long term health conditions and there is no ‘magic pill’ to help take away the pain. On this course we will join together to show there is a way forward; that you can live your life to the fullest and experience a new sense of well-being and freedom. This course is open to family members too, as living with someone with a chronic condition can be daunting and confusing. Working together may help us all develop a better shared understanding.

The aim of this course is to allow students to feel empowered to live their lives, despite their health condition. We also aim to help people continue to support loved ones living with long term conditions, whilst maintaining their own well-being. This course will run over a number of sessions in order to support students to find the best way forward for themselves.



Upcoming course

Your Health, Your Life

This is a course for anyone who supports a family member of friend in their daily lives. You may help with their shopping, taking them to appointments, managing their personal affairs or providing emotional support. These caring responsibilities can impact on your health and well-being. This course offers you the space to think about yourself, your needs and your health, “The course will help carers reflect on the caring roll they have and provide”

I realised for the first time in 28 years that I am a ‘carer’, not just mum. I also recognised that I am not alone in having this way of life. I’ve built up my confidence and learnt ways to cope better. – Student feed back



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Your Health and Well-being at Work

Are you finding that you are struggling at work because of your health? Have you been off sick and are you now worried about returning to work? Are you managing the health and well-being of other people at work?

There is strong evidence that good work is good for our health, however sometimes we may need some extra help and support. Work-related stress and living with long term health conditions can impact on our functioning and fulfillment at work.

Upcoming course

Our Course…

We all find it difficult to express how we feel and sometimes struggle to find the words that others can empathise with. Talking to parents, teachers or professionals can be challenging when referring to our emotions. This course is to support individuals from a younger community to feel comfortable to share their story and to consider strategies that may help with their well-being.

‘Our Course’ will give students the opportunity to take ownership, freedom and flexibility to name the course for themselves; each time that we run this course the name will change according to the students that participate.

We understand that it may be daunting to attend a course independently, so feel free to bring someone with you for support. If you are concerned about a friend or loved one but they are reluctant to join then you can attend on their behalf. We would like to offer support to teachers and parents to discuss recognisable signs and how to approach talking to teenagers sensitively.

This course will run over a number of weeks with an introductory session for students to identify what they want form the course. There will be opportunity to decide what session you feel suits you best.


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Footpaths at Hardie Park

This is a local project providing personal development courses for people suffering with mental health issues, depression and anxiety in and around SS17 postcode.

The Footpaths Personal Development Programme provides a 12 week support plan offering personal development workshops, skills training, first aid certification and 1-2-1 sessions, based locally at Hardie Park in Stanford-le-Hope.

We aim to provide candidates suffering mental health issues, depression and anxiety with an increased sense of well-being and access to counselling, advice and mentoring.The programme will also offer meaningful volunteer opportunities and an introduction to the various community groups at the Park such as Men in Sheds and the Hardie Park Gardeners. At the end of the 12 weeks there will be opportunities to continue to volunteer at the Park or with local community groups and using our wider network links with local companies this could be used as a stepping stone to employment.

Contact Hardie Park directly on Telephone: 07888 032698, Email: or speak to someone “at the Recovery College”


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What to do next?

We aim to give you opportunities to discover that through using your strengths, abilities and resources you can lead a life that you find fulfilling and meaning.
Our courses are open to anyone over 18 years of age, who living, caring or working in the Thurrock area.


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